The organization of E-Sports events is a central aspect for us.
We want to give the community a sensible platform on which players can demonstrate their skills.

Success of Austrian E-Sport Players

  • Sales with download Games (2019) 73,84 Mio. Euro.
  • Mobile sales Games (2019) 52,07 Mio. Euro.
  • Sales with online Games (2019) 42,05 Mio. Euro.

Call of Duty, FIFA and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were the most popular video games in Austria in 2019.
Source: Statista.com

eSport is the sporting competition with computer games.
As a rule, the competition is carried out using the multiplayer mode of a computer game. The rules of the competition are specified by the software (computer game) and external competition regulations, such as the regulations of the competition organizer. E-sports are played on both personal computers and game consoles. The contestants are called E-Sport E-Sport Players. There can be several disciplines per computer game. Most computer games are played either as individual sports or as team sports. In individual computer games, there are competitions at both the individual and team level.

In addition to mastering the actual computer game, players need various motor and mental skills in order to be successful in competition. In terms of motor skills, hand-eye coordination and reaction speed are particularly important for the player. Spatial orientation skills, overview of the game, understanding of the game, tactical alignment, stamina, forward-looking and lateral thinking are among the mental requirements.

In esports in total, over $ 1.08 billion in prize money has been paid out to date (as of August 2021).

Source Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-Sport

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Riot Games rocked the home of the L.A. Lakers in 2013

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