Extract from our association statutes:

The association bears the name "G Universe".
Association for information technology, multimedia, gaming and e-sports.

It is based in Neusiedl am See and extends its activities to Austria and the European Union.
The association, whose activity is not aimed at profit, aims to promote the leisure activities of gaming (computer games), multimedia - media design, the efficient use of the Internet, implementation of "LAN parties" as well as implementation and participation in LAN and e-sports Events. Use of various streaming servers, provision of online platforms.
The association is politically and denominationally neutral.

The creative and playful use of new media is intended to encourage interest in technology and new information technologies
This also creates basic IT skills and promotes administrative, team-oriented and strategic skills, which can also be an advantage in training or when starting a career.

One of the aims of the association is to enable young people to use modern, new media sensibly and to encourage responsible use of computer games.
Communication between young people and older, more experienced members should also be made possible.
The exchange of experiences and free help are also in the foreground.

The association's common goals are to be promoted through the association's public relations work, events, special events, educational events, seminars, conferences and training courses.

The organization of events and information sessions with the possibility of deepening common interests should also serve the ability to work in a team and individual development.

Acquisition of membership & social issues:

(1) Ordinary members and honorary members of the association can only be natural persons, natural or legal persons can become extraordinary members.
(2) The board of directors decides on the admission of members. The admission can be refused without giving reasons.
(3) The appointment as an honorary member takes place at the request of the board by the general assembly.
(4) The application for membership must be sent to the association in writing and all necessary documents must be enclosed with the application. There is no legal entitlement to membership.

Reductions: Members who have not yet reached the age of eighteen, schoolchildren, trainees, students, pensioners and welfare recipients have the option of submitting a document recognized by the board that confirms membership of one of the groups mentioned, can apply for a reduction in the membership fees.
The board decides on the approval and the amount of the reduced membership fee.
There is no legal entitlement to a reduction in the membership fee.
Membership fee: the current fee applies.

Our association statutes are sent to all members and persons with a serious interest in joining the association by email.

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