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What journalistic principles does Gamersuniverse use?

Gaming: our passion - enthusiasm - more than a hobby - our passion for everyone who ticks like us and likes to play, Gamersuniverse stands for information - news - review and much more ...

Information on the principles of our editorial independence.

Our mission:
We support you to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Editorially independent and with the highest possible journalistic quality standards.

We report critically, fairly and constructively, always with the aim of advising, informing and entertaining you as best as possible, sometimes with a wink and a little self-irony.

The more of you are interested in a topic, the more likely we will report on it.
Analysis tools and your direct feedback help us with this.

We always strive for the best possible contacts to game developers, manufacturers and the community.
Being up-to-date means being on the cutting edge, depending on the relevant, we decide which post we create and the motto for us is not only to be as fast as possible, but also to represent as much background knowledge as possible and the opinion of the gamers for you.

If we use external sources for our articles and videos, we check them for credibility beforehand and refer transparently to the respective producer.

We are actively looking for the best information for you.
Our experiences as active, passionate gamers flow into our posts and game reviews.

We scrutinize information from press releases, press events and gaming trade fairs with the necessary care.

At our networking events, we are the catalyst to enable game manufacturers, developers, story writers ... to talk directly to the gaming community and to incorporate their wishes and suggestions for their projects.

Gamersuniverse as media partner for events.

We have extensive equipment to realize live streams of the highest quality at gaming events.

We only enter into media partnerships if we believe it has the necessary relevance for our community and brings added value for everyone involved.

Reporting as well as advertisements can be part of a media partnership. These are marked accordingly.
Considerations such as stand space at the event, ticket raffles, etc. are declared accordingly.

We cannot test every game, but have to make a preselection based on the relevance of a topic and, as a still young medium, are dependent on the sending of test games / accesses.

We have extensive background knowledge of games and their development. We understand how games are made, how they work.

We give you the greatest possible insight into the gaming world of our Gamersuniverse.


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