Pannonia Knights

Pannonia Knights

In this team, only people from Burgenland or with proven Burgenland roots can become active. You can find more information at: Pannonia Knights.


We want e-sports in Austria to receive the recognition and acceptance that it has in many innovative and progressive countries.

We strive for perfection and never stop improving.

We are who we are and know that our fighting spirit and iron will are our strengths.

We want every player to be able to join a club, regardless of their origin and social status.

As a team, we are almost unbeatable!

We offer you:

a professional environment. Clear structures Long-term game servers, Regular training, Social media promotion, Moderated Twitch streams, Friendly and humorous atmosphere, strong team spirit, a structured Discord server, years of experience in various MMOs, RPGs, and guild leadership, ESO,


Apex Legends

New World

annual real-life meeting, clan meeting around Gamescom. A wide range of training and coaching opportunities to improve your tactical and strategic skills. Own area for streamers Coaching (solo and team coaching) Personalized coaching. A mature and well-thought-out clan structure An active forum of our own – to play together, make friends, and exchange ideas An exclusive and well-thought-out member ranking system Various gaming areas with moderators Familiar atmosphere through exclusive selection of our members A multitude of friendly and loyal team players Experienced players in every one of our areas Promotion opportunities to our clan management

The opportunity to develop and improve yourself both as a character and a player The chance to contribute to something great

NEW also a guild council for New World with different areas of responsibility.

We are looking for:

You 16+ with a certain maturity Your skills: Reliability, Willingness to work for the team Helpfulness (who gives/who receives) Independence Appropriate behavior Active club participation, i.e., presence at training and missions Respect, humor, tolerance, and loyalty Working headset ;0)

We will discuss everything in more detail in a personal conversation on our Discord.

More e-sports information:

E-sports is changing…

There is a lot going on in e-sports, and that is also noticeable in Europe.

The Corona pandemic is affecting our entire lives…

But a special area seems to be exempt worldwide.

The gaming industry is experiencing a high in pandemic times that has never been seen before.

The success curve is showing an enormous upward trend. The sales figures and the number of active gamers are exploding on an unprecedented scale.

A new world record was recorded at the world’s largest internet exchange, De-Cix in Frankfurt am Main, on March 10: 9.1 terabits rushed over the networks there per second. Never before have so many data been exchanged simultaneously at an internet exchange.

In Austria, the internet connection can be described as quite good.

Land of gamers, a promising future!

Gaming has now become one of the most popular leisure activities for Austrians. Already 54% of the population plays a computer game at least once a week. And about one in seven (14%) also regularly watches e-sports offerings. The most popular platforms are:, YouTube Gaming, Facebook, and Twitter are leading the ranking.

Even the network provider A1 quickly recognized the zeitgeist and founded the largest league in Austria with the A1 E-Sports League in 2017.

E-sports statistics

Gaming and e-sports are now an integral part of today’s world. The billion-dollar business worldwide has also shown strong growth in Austria for several years.

Thanks to increasingly powerful end devices and faster internet performance, almost every Austrian can now actively play or follow E-sports events and broadcasts.

Brand integration in streaming and broadcasting

Streaming and broadcasting are particularly relevant in E-sports. On the one hand, live broadcasts of major leagues and events can be found on Twitch, and on the other hand, thousands of content creators regularly produce entertaining content on the platform.

It’s really about millions!

Top 5: The most successful esports teams in the world

5th place: achieved its good ranking in this ranking not like many other teams by winning a few major championships, but instead was able to accumulate its total prize money of $15,956,049 through regular successes. The team has been active in professional e-sports since 2012. These are’s most successful game titles:

  • Counter-Strike: $364,412
  • Dota 2: $10,202,985
  • CS:GO: $4,046,690

4th place: Fnatic

In contrast to most other teams in the ranking, Fnatic does not earn the majority of its prize money only in Dota 2. The team’s League of Legends team also repeatedly appears in the League of Legends Worlds Finals as Europe’s hope against the seeming supremacy of teams from Korean and Chinese servers. The team has already earned a total of $16,227,772 in prize money. These are the prize money earned in the individual game titles:

  • League of Legends: $2,901,706
  • CS:GO: $4,719,896
  • Dota 2: $4,138,469

3rd place: Evil Geniuses

The e-sports team Evil Geniuses has so far participated in championships in over 60 different games, over 80 percent of their total prize money was won in just one game title: Dota 2. The popular MOBA is known for paying out the highest winnings in its championships. Due to many good placements at international championships in recent years, Evil Geniuses’ earned prize money adds up to a total of $24,655,433. These are the prize money earned in the individual game titles:

  • StarCraft II: $785,050
  • Dota 2: $20,246,670
  • CS:GO: $974,450

2nd place: OG

With $34,546,223 in earned prize money, OG is just behind the first place and ranks 2nd in the ranking of the most successful esports teams of all time. What is special about OG: The relatively young team has earned almost all of its revenue, a total of $33,917,126, in just one game title. This includes, for example, first place in the Dota 2 The International Championships 2018 and 2019. These are the prize money earned in the individual game titles:

  • Super Smash Bros: $6,847.46
  • Dota 2: $33,917,126
  • CS:GO: $62,250.00

1st place: Team Liquid

With $37,327,690 in earned prize money, Team Liquid reaches the top spot in the ranking and is therefore the most successful esports team of 2021. With successes from a total of 1837 championships, Team Liquid has by far the most experience in professional esports among all esports teams in the world. But not only the number of championships is above average at Team Liquid, also the number of teams and games in which the team competes is comparatively high. So far a total of 37, these are the most successful ones:

  • Dota: $23,026,431
  • Counter-Strike: $4,970,175
  • StarCraft II: $1,527,587
  • Fortnite: $1,269,375
  • League of Legends: $1,100,463

Source: ispo

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