Welcome to your Gamersuniverse

The gaming community is huge and constantly growing.

In Austria, the number of active gamers is also steadily increasing.

Over 5 million Austrians actively play games, and the number is constantly growing.

Well-connected, Gamersuniverse provides a platform that supports and promotes gaming activities across borders and in various fields.

Whether you’re an ambitious e-sports player or a hobby gamer, you are equally welcome.

We support you on all levels.

Team spirit, fun, camaraderie, passion, and fighting spirit are our strengths, and as a team, we are almost unbeatable.

As a Burgenland-based association, activities in our federal state are particularly important to us.

Thanks to some generous donors, we now have a very impressive equipment portfolio and are looking for a decent, larger storage space in the North Burgenland, as well as a larger office. As a very young association despite the Corona pandemic, we can look to the future with confidence.

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