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Crusader Kings 3 takes players on an engaging journey into a captivating medieval setting, where they assume the role of a powerful ruler and lead their dynasty to glory. The game impresses with a variety of mechanics and possibilities, though it also has some weaknesses that slightly tarnish the overall experience.


The game’s story is largely created by the players themselves as they direct the decisions and actions of their characters. The medieval setting is rich and offers a multitude of historical events and conflicts. The ability to play as different characters from various regions adds to the diversity of the stories.

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The game world is detailed and encompasses a map of medieval Europe and beyond. The graphics are atmospheric and convey the feeling of a vibrant world. However, the animations can be a bit stiff at times, and there are occasional stutters or performance issues that may affect immersion in the world.



The AI-controlled enemies in Crusader Kings 3 are challenging and often exhibit intelligent behavior. Each character has their own ambitions and plans, leading to interesting and dynamic relationships between NPCs and the player. Forging alliances and negotiating treaties are crucial to keeping enemies at bay.

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The mechanics of Crusader Kings 3 are highly complex, offering a wealth of options for political intrigue, marriage, wars, and diplomacy. Character development is profound, and the dynastic inheritance system allows players to strategically plan their successors. The many decisions one can make ensure high replayability and long-term motivation.

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Unfortunately, Crusader Kings 3 is not free from bugs and technical issues. Although the developers regularly release patches and updates, there are still some annoying errors that can affect the gaming experience. This can be frustrating, especially when encountering unexpected crashes or save file corruption.


Considering the extensive and intricate nature of the game, the price for Crusader Kings 3 is reasonable. With its many hours of gameplay and ongoing improvements through updates, it offers good value for money.

Crusader Kings III49,99€
Crusader Kings III Royal Edition74,99€
Steam Price as of 25.07.2023

Feedback and Expectations:

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The developers of Crusader Kings 3 attentively listen to the community and regularly accept feedback to enhance the gaming experience. Players’ expectations have been largely met, and the game has continuously evolved since its launch.


Crusader Kings 3 is undoubtedly a masterpiece in medieval-themed strategy games. It provides a deep and complex player experience with a captivating game world and numerous possibilities. The occasional bugs and technical issues are frustrating, but they do not detract from the overall enjoyment the game offers. Those with a passion for strategic challenges and historical management will spend many hours immersed in political intrigue and epic battles with Crusader Kings 3.

Gamersuniverse Score:

9.5 out of 10 stars⭐


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