The most important Fortnite infos on Chapter 2 Season 6

The new Fortnite Season 6 time is finally here!

The island has gone wild! Are you ready for it too?

After season 5 and the latest story teasers, things are getting even more exciting.

Once you have updated Fortnite, every player will start in a solo event that replaces the live event of season 5.

When Jonesy managed to contact “7” and negotiate a deal in the trailer, we were immediately thrown into the solo event.

Support Jones and the Foundation in saving the island!

Map changes:

In season 5, there was a large sand/desert biome around the Zero Point that no longer exists. Instead, we now have a wild autumn biome that fits the season’s theme. The center of the map is now the Spire, a tower with the Zero Point.

Of course, as in every season, there is also a Battle Pass!

Here is an overview of all 100 levels.

In addition to the Battle Pass and the new map, there are also some other new features:

The inventory screen has been completely redesigned, see image:

What do you think of this inventory screen?

As is typical for every season, new weapons have also been added:

You can now find Inventor weapons (rifle, shotgun, revolver, submachine guns, and bow) and upgrade them to either their time variant by cooking animals or their mechanical variant with mechanical parts.

New time and mechanical revolvers

The primal rifle and the mechanical rifle

Primal and mechanical submachine guns

Time and mechanical bows

In line with the time theme, there are now wild animals. We have discovered 2 so far:

There are now dangerous wolves that will attack you! So avoid them or fight them off as quickly as possible! There is no escape, only you or the wolf will emerge victorious in battle once it has begun.

Additionally, there are chickens! Not only as a skin in the Battle Pass but also as a fixed gameplay mechanic: You can pick them up and use them to jump and glide higher. If you no longer need or can carry the chickens, you can kill them and use their bones.

With these bones, you can upgrade your weapons in the inventory or equip them with special modifications.

Do you think Fortnite Season 6 is currently balanced?

This is the first overview that we have been able to find for you in the first hours of the new season! We will, of course, keep you up to date on any further developments! If you find something interesting and cool, write to us on Discord or in the comments.

Here you can find the latest information about Fortnite.

Stay tuned!

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